Child Protection & Social Resilience Building

We are inspired by the works of our Founder, the late Father Anold Grol. Children and the youth are core to our programming and are currently anchored in the following interventions.

Youth Association model

 The 2018 Census shows that there were 46,639 street persons spread across the 47 Counties of Kenya. Most of the street persons were males, comprising 72.4 per cent. Majority (21,550 persons) were youth aged 19-34 years followed by children aged below 19 (15,752 persons). The counties with the highest concentrations of street persons were: Nairobi (15,337), Mombasa (7,529), Kisumu (2,746), Uasin Gishu (2,147) and Nakuru (2,005).

In our effort to improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable members of our community, we work with street connected youth in Nairobi and Kisumu Counties. We identify potential beneficiaries from the areas they live mostly along rivers, dumpsites in residential and commercial areas, abandoned building among other. We build rapport and organize the youths into associations through which they are rehabilitated to reduce vulnerabilities that pre dispose them to crime, drugs and substance abuse, commercial sex work among other negative vices.

Through the associations we build their capacities to engage in gainful activities and policy advocacy. The process of reforming the youths is guided by a unique model developed and perfected by USK over the years, and through a series of interventions that include training in life skills, leadership, advocacy and psychosocial support, we accompany the youth and children through the journey of transformation towards living dignified lives. We are currently supporting 60 associations composed of 1200 youths.

Community Child Right Clubs

 USK targets vulnerable children (6-16 years) from Kibera, Ngomongo, Kiambiu and Mathare communities through the Community Child Right Clubs (CCRCs) that convene every weekend. The four areas are classified as low-income settlements, an environment that predisposes the children to violation within their homes and community. The children are organized into 4 groups classified according to age. USK sensitises the children on their rights and responsibilities, makes follow-ups on reported cases of violation, besides engaging them in other therapeutic activities like games amongst others.

We are currently supporting the empowerment of 400 OVCs. Through Income Generating Activities (IGAs) supported by our staff and volunteers, the children are provided with refreshments during their meetings, ensuring consistency in their attendance and contributing to their general wellbeing. Further, through the earnings from the IGA, the children are able to support the most vulnerable children amongst them with basic provisions like School Uniform and school fees.

Kitengela Place of Safety (KPOS)

Through the 3R (Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegration) program, our Kitengela Place of Safety serves as a transitory institution for street connected children. USK targets vulnerable children who live and work in the streets. We approach them, build their trust and eventually offer them alternative housing for rehabilitation and preparation for reintegration to their families.

At our facility in Kitengela, Kajiado County, the children are prepared for reintegration to their families besides the identification of needs and development of a care plan that could include supporting their primary/ secondary education or vocational training in situations where families are needy. The facility has a capacity of 50 children, both boys and girls.