Facilitating Dreams

Kabura** was admitted to the Undugu Society of Kenya, Kitengela Place of Safety (KPOS) in February 2020 at the age of 6 years. Born on the streets alongside her younger brother, she was brought up in Majengo, Nairobi County. She was used to sleeping in the cold, begging for food and money for survival making it difficult to adjust to her new life at KPOS, often preferring to be alone in the backyard and easily picked up fights with other children at the center. Through care and psychosocial support, her behavior improved gradually and she became more sociable.

Kabura suffered from asthma, suspected to have been a result of exposure to harsh conditions in the streets. She was put under medication for 6 months and her health was fully restored. Staff at KPOS were unable to trace her family and hence had to seek for alternatives to ensure that she is able to access education. With the help of Majengo Childrens’ Office, Kabura got a referral in May 2022 and is now in school with hope that one day she will achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.


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