1. Health Integrity among PLAWS project supported by The Commonwealth Foundation

The Commonwealth Foundation is an intergovernmental organisation established by Heads of Government in support of the belief that the Commonwealth is as much an association of peoples as it is of governments. It is the Commonwealth agency for civil society; a unique, stand-alone organisation established by, funded by, and reporting to governments

Supported by the Commonwealth Foundation, USK is implementing project whose goal is contribute to the realisation of a healthcare economy serving health claims for all people in Nairobi County. This project responds to the inequalities and inequities experienced by People Living and Working on the Streets (PLAWS) of Nairobi when trying to access healthcare services. The project anticipates increased voice and concerns of local communities in healthcare planning and financing, improved policy, legal and practice environment as well progressively inclusive healthcare programming, planning and financing. We anticipate to improve the health security of 1000 Persons Living and Working in the Streets of Nairobi, by ensuring they access relevant healthcare information and knowledge that facilitates effective and objective interaction with policy makers while able to influence behaviour and attitude change amongst healthcare service providers and their peers.

Redrawing the health services map in Nairobi

Our partnership with the Commonwealth Foundation is aimed at rewriting the healthcare narrative in Nairobi. We are undertaking a research to understand the space of street connected communities in the service framework of the county, which we hope will inform policy and practice in the country. Our research seeks to underscore the importance of human rights’ attitudes and communication in this sector, where on average most Kenyans spent 30% of their income on out-of-pocket medical services. It should be remembered that 98% of the street connected communities have no luxury of income, if any.

2. Association and CCRC Project supported by WeSeeHope

Supported by WeSeeHope, we seek to rescue, rehabilitate and transform children and youth living and working on the streets through application of the Association model and Community Child Rights Clubs (CCRCs). USK’s overall goal of this project is to reduce helplessness of vulnerable children, youth living and working on the streets as well as those from the poor informal urban settlements of Kibera, Mathare, Kiambiu and Ngomongo in Nairobi’s Makadara and Kasarani zones, that are part of Dandora, Kayole, Eastleigh, Huruma, Roysambu, Mathare and Githurai. The project targets 10 youth associations comprised of 200 youths besides 400 OVCs.

3. VIP Project supported by WeSeeHope

Supported by WeSeeHope, we work with two categories of select parents and youth living and working on the streets of Nairobi, alongside those who reside in some of the most disadvantaged informal settlements. We are working with 12 new groups, while another 24 are older groups transitioning to year two and three of the Village Saving and Loans Association (VSLA) concept. This project is draws synergy from the Association and CCRCs project. The targeted parents are those whose children are enrolled with the Community Child Rights Clubs (CCRCs), plus select youths living and working in the streets in the capacity building stage.

4. The ‘Sisi tuna Haki Pia’ Youth Associations Project supported by Taksvarkki

Supported by Taksvarkki, the ‘’Sisi tuna Haki Pia’’ is a continuing Youth-to-Youth project that identifies and harnesses their power to contribute and influence the shaping of a just, equal and equitable world, which is foundational and strategic to the betterment of human lives In partnership with the Youth, especially those who live and work on the streets, we intend to identify, harness and invest their power and influence to shape a just, equitable and equal society, where rights of all people, irrespective of their race, gender, religious, geographic and health orientations besides individualized choices are protected, promoted and restored if at all denied, threatened or restricted. The project targets 50 associations in Nairobi and Kisumu County comprised of 1000 youths.

5. USK 3R (Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegration) program

Supported by USK, our Kitengela Place of our Safety (KPOS) serves as a transitory institution for street connected children. USK targets vulnerable children who live and work in the streets. We approach them, build their trust and eventually offer them alternative housing for rehabilitation and preparation for reintegration to their families. At the facility, the children are prepared for reintegration to their families besides the identification of needs and development of a care plan that could include supporting their primary/ secondary education or vocational training in situations where families are needy. The facility has a capacity of 50 children, both boys and girls.