Policy Influencing/Lobby & Advocacy

For the past 48 years we, through diverse projects, have worked with PLAWS and have a deeper understanding about their needs and interests. We have gathered anecdotal data, which points to the blatant discrimination experienced by PLAWS while trying to access government services. Our interventions and policy agenda are evidence based. We have managed to create and maintain strategic partnerships to promote rights and interests of PLAWS. We have robust healthy relationships with past and current legislators, heads of government departments in health, children and social services for consistent policy dialogue. We are part of various advocacy platforms and through this we are able to participate in seeking to improve the lives of street connected families. We promote movement building and discourses that could sustain effective community or grassroots led advocacy. At the grassroots, we mainstream the Human Rights based approach and through our social programs, seek to empower our constituents to have capacity to claim their rights.