Undugu Society of Kenya (USK) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was established way back in 1973 by the late Father Arnold Grol, a Dutch priest. He founded the organization after he observed a growing disturbing phenomenon of children living and working in the streets of Nairobi and its environs. We are child and youth centered and have been implementing development interventions focusing on; Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-integration (RRR) of children and youth living or working in the streets, their families, as well as socio-economic empowerment of poor urban and rural communities in Kenya. We run a children’s centre that provides shelter and care for vulnerable children before they are reintegrated with their families. To add value to the lives of our beneficiaries we engage in networking, lobbying and advocacy both at County and National level as a strategy to ensure the protection and care of the children and youth therein.
Our head office is in Westlands, Nairobi, with satellite offices in Dandora, Kisumu and Kajiado Counties.

Institutional Philosophy

USK’s strategic focus is on its vision, mission, and core values. The vision statement defines the future that USK aspires to create. USK’s board members, management, staff, and key stakeholders are expected to share its vision and connect with its ideals. The core values form a foundation for USK to manage its operations, programming, and stakeholder relationships.

A society that upholds justice and dignity of vulnerable children, youth, and families

To promote the care and formation of vulnerable children and youth, and the resilience of families, through socioeconomic interventions, capacity development, advocacy, and human rights protection.

Justice: We will work for the creation, protection, and sustenance of safe spaces, cities, and communities, as the epitome of our work.

Solidarity: We will actively promote a sense of belonging and journey with the children and communities we serve.

Integrity: We will be fair and transparent in all our dealings and use USK’s resources for the greater good of its stakeholders.

The courage of Conviction: We will champion what we believe to be right and speak truth to power in pursuing our goals.