I have made steps, Many more to go

“I am Francis Gichohi, a member of Strong Legend Street Youth Association based in Kayole, Nairobi County. I am 22 years old, lived in the streets of Kayole for 5 years but have now rented a house at Kayole Junction with other two colleagues. I am a recovering Heroin addict. Since I met Undugu, and having undergone various trainings, I decided to transform my life. I am undergoing rehabilitation and I stopped taking Heroine. I go for Methadone treatment every day because I purpose to improve my life. Heroin is very expensive and having stopped its use, I am able to use my income in other ways. Other group members are also undergoing the same treatment in government facilities like Mama Lucy Hospital, Ngara among others. We walk to these facilities every day. We have dropped those who kept drawing us back since we formed the group, especially those who did not want to reduce intake of drugs. We have recruited new members who are willing to walk the journey. Undugu is an organization that loves us, those who live in the streets, those who do not have parents are treated well. I aspire to be like the Undugu staff.”

Francis, like many youths in the streets are undergoing a journey of transformation despite their many challenges. Strong Legend, is an association formed by Undugu in the year 2020. The group is composed of 20 steady members. A majority of these members are struggling with abuse of hard drugs and their recovery journey requires a lot of patience. With weekly street monitoring visits to their base, continuous encouragement, regular training the youths will eventually come out of their situation.


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