Youth transformation the eyes of Nice

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Eunice Kiarie, but they call me Nice in the streets. I have attained secondary school education. I work at the Dandora Dumpsite, my main interest being collecting plastics.

Where do you come from:

I hail from Dandora phase 5, that is where my parents are based.

Tell us about your connection to Street Youths associations:

I am a member of the White City Youth Association. I joined the group in 2020. I took interest after overhearing a conversation amongst other youths at the dumpsite that there was an organization organizing youths to help build their capacity.

What role do you play in the association?

I am currently serving as a secretary. Being a leader, I keep records of all our activities. I am also a mentor among my peers and they look up to me for guidance.

How has being a member of White City Association Impacted on you?

I have a lot of knowledge from training I have undergone from Undugu. For example, I know how to save from my earnings, and I understand how to run a business. I will use this knowledge to improve myself. Secondly, I am currently undergoing a course in Fashion and design sponsored by Undugu. I had started the course initially but dropped out due to financial constraints.

What change have you observed among members since you joined your association?

Most members have reduced drugs and substance abuse which was a big problem when we started the association. Out of the 20 members, only 2 are struggling with the vice. It is sad but I hope that they will reform. I continue to push them but they are struggling with relapse. I have also observed that there is improvement of the quality of life for members of the association. They are more organized at their personal lives.

Have you ever engaged in the vice yourself:

Yes. I used to smoke bhang, take alcohol and other injectables when I was in high school but later stopped. I have been clean for a long time.

Parting shot:

I am a converted Christian and believer. I am an upcoming artist and have recorded a gospel song which is available on YouTube.

Nice got married in a church wedding on 10th April 2023.


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